lnav is a Linux log file viewer. I use it for viewing local log files as an alternative to tail and grep.

lnav can be installed using apt from a debian package, but the version available with Ubuntu 18.04 installed on a old machine is out-of-date. A static binary, which includes all of the dependencies, is available to download from GitLab. I wrote a short ansible task to download the ZIP file from GitHub, extract the lnav binary, and place it in /usr/local/bin:

- name: Check if lnav bin exists
    path: /usr/local/bin/lnav
  register: lnav_bin_result

- name: Download and install lnav
    - not lnav_bin_result.stat.exists
  - get_url:
      url: https://github.com/tstack/lnav/releases/download/v0.10.0/lnav-0.10.0-musl-64bit.zip
      dest: /tmp/lnav.zip
      checksum: sha512:4d730884e8a669c2d3b087201f506b833877bcf6dfc8d8ab925c879f8d4b4a8c46b89488c7ad393662ba5f5c7d002fd816fe4c9e85ad00970f9c5a1fe01b4a13
  - unarchive:
      remote_src: yes
        - lnav-0.10.0/NEWS
        - lnav-0.10.0/README
      src: /tmp/lnav.zip
      dest: /tmp/
      creates: /tmp/lnav-0.10.0/lnav
  - copy: 
      remote_src: yes
      src: /tmp/lnav-0.10.0/lnav 
      dest: /usr/local/bin/lnav
      mode: 0755